Name of Show: ________________________________________________________


Applicant’s Name: ____________________________________ AGE: _____________


Parent's Name (if under 18):______________________________________________


Street Address: ________________________________________________________


City: ____________________________ State: _________ Zip Code: ______________


Home Phone: (____)____________ Work or Cell Phone: (____)____________


Email Address (johndoe@sample.com): _______________________________________


Vocal Part:

 Soprano 1/  Soprano 2/  Mezzo/  Alto/  Tenor/  Baritone /  Bass


I (or my child) hereby agree to participate in this production and I will assist in it. I understand that I (or my child) will be around set pieces and equipment and will not hold Yardley Players or Kelsey Theatre liable for any mishaps that may occur during rehearsals or performances. I understand that I (or my child) will be expected to attend all rehearsals except those noted on this form and I will submit any conflicts to the director, in writing, in advance of any absence.



Signature: __________________________________ Date: _____________________


Role that I am interested in: ______________________________________________________


I will accept another role?  Yes /  No


Please list any schedule or vacation conflicts: ________________________________________




I am currently a member of Equity or Sag?  Yes /  No


I am cast in another show during this rehearsal and/or performance time period?  Yes /  No


If yes, name and dates of the production: ___________________________________________




I have read the list of policies necessary for participation in Yardley Players' production and I am aware that videotaping of the auditions will be done to help the director choose the most appropriate people for each of the roles available.


Signature: _______________________________________________


Parent's Signature (if under 18): __________________________________________


Child's name: _________________________________________________