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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2006)
At the Kelsey

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Narrator Tara Renee Wood
Agustus Gloop Ethan Gumpert
Veruca Salt Sarah Lily Martin
Violet Beauregarde Sarah Jablonski
Mike Teavee

David Szemis

Mr. Bucket Michael McCollum
Grandma Josephine Kristine Beckers
Grandpa George Leo Jablonski
Grandma Georgina Patricia Walsh
Mrs. Bucket Jane Coult
Grandpa Joe Wayne Wood
Charlie Bucket Anderson Monken
Mrs. Gloop Judy Berwick
Willy Wonka Andy Mahaney
Mrs. Teavee Patricia Walsh
Mr. Salt Mike McCollum
Mrs. Salt Jane Coult
Mrs. Beauregarde Kristine Beckers
Mr. Teavee Leo Jablonski
Oompa-Loompas William Burke
Abby Coggins
Hannah Davidoff
Thomas Davidoff
Corey Forman
Jessica Getlik
Anna Herwig
Nicole Jacoby
Ezekiel Levine
Matthew McNeill
Mairead Mickey
Delia Monken
Claire Norden
Nicky Rosolino
Alanna Rothman
Production Staff 
Producer Marge Swider
Director Howard Matter
Choreographer Jane Coult
Stage Manager Chris Szemis
Lighting and Sound John Arrison
Chuck Dorner
Set Designer Mike Almstedt
Stage Crew
Ben Burwell
Claudia Confoy
Walter Smyth
Marge Swider
Ed Szemis
Costumers Jeanne La Polla
Marge Swider
Publicity Jane Coult
Wendy Humphreys
Program Kelly Nigh
Set Construction & Painting Mike Almstedt
John Arrison
Mike Dilorio
Chuck Dorner
Leo Jablonski
Howard Matter
Chris Szemis
Ed Szemis
Patty Walsh
Cast & Families